Chakava, professional sound and narration site

Chakava as professional recording studio bring the best quality in producing audio and video programs, such as TV programs ( commercial video clips), radio programs, Film and Documentary Dubbing, commercial recording, podcasts, motion graphic and etc.
Chakava is the top Company in Iran who brings best and finest Recording quality in Game Dubbing industry.
We bring you best Quality in Dubbing video Games in a many languages such as Persian, English. we’ve done many great Dubbing projects in tons of Video Games, it’s our duty to bring you finest Recordings to each your needs.

Our Team is extremely Familiar in styles of Reading and Recording of Projects such as Producing Films and Commercials and Film and Documentary Dubbing with Pro Persian Narrators, this gives Select a real edge over many competitors, our variety of local Narrators offer lots of Accents like (kurdi, Azeri, Baluchi and etc…), and it feeds costumers needs and provide hight quality recording to them. It is largely thanks to this, that we are able to ensure consistent High Quality recording production.
We will use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your Goals in every step of a Project in our professional Chakava recording studio.
Chakava provides best recording services and produce audio and video productions, here are a few highlights:
* Movie Dubbing, commercial, … in Persian accents and dialects and other languages.
* Professional Persian Voice-Overs.
* Professional International Voice-Overs.
* Professional Local Persian Voice-Overs.
* Radio Programs.
* Audiobook Narration.
* Video Visual Effects
We look forward to work with you at Chakava Recording Studio.

Our Goals

Providing high quality services for all types of costumers in a brief period of time is our Skill. Due to the fact that providing best narration quality, making contact with narrators and booking the studio is time-consuming for costumers and cost expensive, Chakava tries to bring best performance to our projects and offer best Quality for costumers.

Some of Chakava’s Narrators

Abolhassan Tahami Nejad (Born: 1938)  translator, voice actor, Iranian prominent  dubbing manager. Mr Tahami Nejad has a high ability in voice acting and narration of industrial and documentary movie.

Jaleh Sadeghian (Born: 1965) is one of the most experienced female narrators in Iran who entered the field of narration at the age of five. She started her career in radio, speaking and performing in various genres, in the meanwhile, she has been working in television for long time

Behrouz Razavi (Born: 1947) Iranian announcer, TV presenter and actor. He started his collaboration with the radio in 1968 as an announcer. He has narrated “Iran” documentary series

Katayoun Nejadeh has narrated “Hosh-e Bartar” competition at IRIB Nasim channel for 3 years during 8 seasons. Also she performed 2 parts of this competition.

Morteza Hashem Khanlu is a radio announcer and theater actor. Due to his legendary voice, he was able to narrate for many movie, television program, etc…

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